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Enrichment and Re-teach at Page Middle School



Page Middle School has a new program in place that assists in student learning and increases opportunities for academic success.

This year at Page Middle School, teachers are implementing a strategy called "re-teach" during a period immediately following lunch. We will assign those students who do not master the standard taught and tested on weekly assessments to the re-teach program where they will get more in-depth instruction in either math or reading/writing. Re-teach for math will take place every Tuesday and Friday and reading/writing is on Monday and Thursday. The purpose is to have students develop the ability to master concepts before having to move on to material that is more complex. This will better prepare them for the challenges of the Common Core standards. If your student masters the standard we teach for the week in his or her classes, as determined by his or her assessments, he or she will be able to participate in what is called "enrichment."

Students sign up each semester for activities that they will enjoy such as:

  • Art Club
  • Computer Lab
  • Open Field
  • Open Field
  • Open Gym
  • Open Library

The enrichment and re-teach period is mandatory so attendance is required for all students.
It is not an extension of the lunch hour.